What is the DOM?

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Is the DOM Just My HTML?

Unbreaking Your Code (Using the DOM)

With both HTML and CSS, it can be easy to forget a semi-colon or a closing tag, which can lead to unwanted display issues on your website. There are a few tools that can help prevent and/or fix this going forward.

Debugging With Your Browser

Chrome can be one of the most useful tools for debugging HTML and CSS.

Image of the chrome web inspection tool

Grab a Second Set of Eyes

Often staring at thousands of semi-colons and angle brackets can be overwhelming and mind-numbing. A second set of trained eyes can help to find that pesky character that is breaking your code.

What is a Linter?

There are endless options for both HTML and CSS linters. A quick Google search will yield a number of potential websites and plugins to help debug your code.

E.g. https://validator.w3.org/

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