Sinatra is a Web Application Framework. It includes a Web Server and lets you write code to show when people request web pages.

Hi, Sinatra

  1. install Sinatra by running gem install sinatra on the command line

  2. create a file called hi.rb containing this:

    require 'sinatra'
    get '/hi' do
  3. run ruby hi.rb

Now open a Web Browser (like Firefox or Chrome or Safari or Internet Explorer) and enter the following URL into the address bar:


Hello, Whoever

Change hi.rb to look like this:

require 'sinatra'

get '/hi/:who' do
  "Hi " + params[:who] + "!"

Now go back to the command line and restart your web application:

ruby hi.rb

And go to your browser and visit the following URL:


:who? what?

To Sinatra, the line

get '/hi/:who' do

means, "When someone asks for /hi/, take the rest of the URL and put it inside the params hash.

So inside the do block, params[:who] contains the string "alice".

LAB: Yeller

Make a route in your Sinatra application so that when someone requests this:


they see this:


and when someone requests this:


they see this:


Detour: Deploying to Heroku

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