GitHub Repos


In addition to their normal web site, GitHub supports a JSON API.

The full documentation is at and it's worth skimming (or reading in detail if you have time), but if you want a quick feel for it, visit this URL:

(it will be prettier, and the links will be clickable, if you install a browser extension like JSON Viewer )


This app will take a github username and display a list of that user's repositories.


GitHub Repos

Username: [_alexch______] [Show Repos]

name            description
-----           ------------
rerun           Restarts an app when the filesystem changes
codelikethis    Code Like This web site


Big List

When a user enters a name and clicks the "Show Repos" button

Then the user should see all repos including name and description

And the name should be a link to the repo URL

Error Handling: No Such User

When a user enters a name that is not a world-visible GitHub account name

Then the user should see a descriptive error message instead of the list

Recent First

When a repo has been more recently updated than another

Then the list should show that repo above the other

Hint: there is a way to make GitHub perform this sort for you -- check the documentation for the "repos" endpoint here:

v2 Ideas

  • Show more information for each repo
  • Use authentication to enable viewing private repos


  • AJAX
  • Iteration