Web Applications

A web application ("web app") is a program that is split into two parts:

  1. the server side, aka the "back end", whose job it is to "talk" with a web browser across the internet, as well as other services like databases
  2. the client side, aka the "front end", which runs inside each user's web browser

Parts of a Web Application

Diagram: Web App: Single Computer

The Cloud

  • web developers write and test code on their own computers...
  • ...then they deploy the same code to a different computer
    • "deploy" means "upload" or "transfer" or "push"
  • "in the cloud" means "running on someone else's computer"
    • AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Heroku, etc.
    • it's like renting a safety deposit box in a huge vault

Using Git to Deploy to the Cloud

Diagram: Web App: Cloud Deploy with Git

Hello, Express

Now it's time to write and deploy an app!

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This lab will teach you these concepts:

  • writing and saving source code in a file
  • launching an application server on your own computer
  • deploying code to the cloud
  • passing parameters from a client to a server