The World Wide Web:
Introductions and Requirements


Introductions, What is Needed for the Course

  1. computer with a text editor (not a word processor) and Internet access
  2. A willingless to learn - coding doesn't always come easy
  3. Never be afraid to ask questions
  4. Google is your best friend. So is Stack Overflow.

Always many ways to skin a cat

  • Just because there is another way to accomplish something in coding, doesn't mean it is the wrong way. I am always open to alternative approaches to reaching an end result, as long as it makes sense.

shaved cat

Be Prepared to Work Together

Coding is never a solo endeavor. Working collaboratively is something that is necessary, especially in professional enviroments. Please help each other whenever possible, and again, never be afraid to ask questions. We are all here to learn together.

Helpful Resources

  1. Google - please use this to ask questions. Most can be answered with a simple search.
  2. - Mozilla Developer Network. A great resource for web developers.
  3. - Lessons on front-end web development.
  4. - Magic 8 Ball. This website has the answer to ALL of your questions.


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