The World Wide Web:
Hello World!


Hello World! Demo

Let's jump right in! Please feel free to follow along - doing is always better than just watching :)

  • Download a text editor. Microsoft Word® is a word processor, not a text editor.
    • My favorite is Sublime Text, but you have the freedom to choose your own.
    • Feel free to do a quick google for, 'best text editor'.

Lets write our first HTML document!

  • All HTML documents should begin with a DOCTYPE declaration. This does not require a closing tag.
<!DOCTYPE html>

Basic HTML Structure

  • The most basic HTML structure includes a DOCTYPE declaration, an HTML tag, a head tag, and a body tag. This looks like the following:
<!DOCTYPE html>
  • Notice how the head and body sections are nested in the HTML tags.
  • HTML does not need to be indented, however...
  • Nesting is very important to make your code easier to read for humans.

Let's Add Content!

We will now add some text to our first web page! Inside of the <body> tag, let's add the following text:

Hello World!

Let's Open Our First Web Page!

  • We will now open our first web page using a web browser :)


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