Tricks of the Trade:
Code Debt


Code Debt

  • "Code Debt" is when a program becomes harder and harder to change over time
  • It happens to all code and all programmers
  • If you do not correct it, your project and life will suffer
  • Be ruthless about removing Code Debt

Make it Work

  • Start writing a new feature without worrying about duplication or beauty
  • Focus on just the logic of the new code
  • Commit to Git early and often to track your changes

Simple Debugging

  • console.log("some value to log")
  • console.log({someVariableToLog})
  • console.error('Some message when things go wrong')

Make it Clean

  • Fix functions that depend on or produce global variables
  • Fix functions or lines which duplicate behavior
  • Separate functions that do many things into more functions


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