This site is a preview of the curriculum for our Summer 2018 bootcamp in Burlington, Vermont. As we continue our preparation, courses and lessons will appear and disappear; we will rename, rearrange, clarify, and obfuscate as needed... Please consider this a work in progress and keep checking in.

Learn to Code with Ruby:



  • just like a VARIABLE is a name for a chunk of data
  • a FUNCTION is a name for a chunk of code
  • if you have some code you want to run again and again
    • or just run once, but keep it organized

For example

Here's a not very useful function:

def add x, y
  x + y
  • def means "define a function"
  • add is the name of the function
  • x, y are the parameters of the function
  • x + y is the body of the function
    • also the return value

Call Me, Maybe

You call a function by its name

def add x, y
  x + y

add 2, 3  # returns 5

add 12, 30  # returns 42


def rant s
  s.upcase.gsub(" ", "") + "!!!"

puts rant "i like pizza"

Capitalize Just The First Character

def initial_cap s
  s[0] + s[1,s.length].downcase

puts initial_cap("McElaney")

this program prints Mcelaney


def titleize string
  string.split(' ').map(&:capitalize).join(' ')
  • The funny &: means "send this message"
  • map(&:capitalize) means "send the message capitalize to every item in the array"


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